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An insert that goes into the back of the cages to allow water and debris to flow out of the tank while preventing fish from escaping.


Bright, alert and responsive.

Barcode Activation Sheet

Previously referred to as the "Breeding Sheet," this sheet is used to record when a barcode is being activated, to track the number of pups weaned, and to record the number of pups found dead or are used or euthanized prior to (including day of) weaning under a certain IACUC animal use protocol number.

Behavioral Welfare Group (BWG)

A group of designated individuals, including a faculty veterinarian, which works as a single point of contact for behavior, welfare, enrichment and social housing related issues.

Biohazard Sticker

Stickers used to designate something as having biohazardous properties.

Biological Indicator (BI)

The most reliable method of verifying the sterilization effectiveness of autoclaves. These small vials require a specific incubation period and protocol after which they are read or interpreted through observation of the vial's liquid media contents. Observations are most frequently based on a color change or change in turbidity (cloudiness). Examples include Magna Amps for liquid cycles and Steris Verify for gravity/prevac cycles.

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

A Biological Safety Cabinet is used to provide containment of splashes or aerosols that may be generated while working with hazardous substances or animals exposed to such substances. All direct manipulation of animals within a containment room must be conducted within a BSC. When used correctly, BSC's provide personnel, product, and environmental protection.

Bioquell© Chemical Indicator Strips

A specialized visual indicator used to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaporized hydrogen peroxide by color changes on the strip.


Sodium hypochlorite solution, commonly known as bleach is frequently used as a disinfectant.

Body Condition Score (BCS)

A scale of 1-5. This measurement is preferred over body weight as body weight can be skewed based on tumor burden, growth of young animals, or other medical conditions.


Administration of a large volume (up to 1ml/kg) of a substance by injection.


British Pharmacopeia.

Breeding Record

A cage specific record that may include:

  • Information about the breeders: birth dates of breeders (dam and sire), their genotypes, identifiers such as ear tag numbers, and what generation they are in the line (particularly if backcrossing or inbreeding)
  • Information about the breeding itself: the mate date (day the male and female/s were first co-housed)
  • Information about the resulting litters: birth dates of litters, number of pups born, number of pups noted to have died or become missing, and weaned, and weaning dates.
  • Digital records are useful to track breeding colony success over time. This can be done in excel or using an online mouse colony tracking software. A free online breeding tracking program is SoftMouse

Brine Shrimp (Artemia)

Common name for primitive crustacean that seldom reaches more than ½ inch in length; commonly used as fish food/enrichment.

Brine shrimp Cysts

Unhatched cysts and empty shells. These can cause mortalities in fish fry, as pieces of the shell or chorion can be lodged in the digestive tract of the fish.

Broken Glass Buckets

5-gallon white plastic buckets with lock-on lids and no screw cap. Designated for broken glass disposal only.


A heated cage for housing young chickens.


Biomedical Science Research Building


Adult male rabbit.

Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Measures environmental conditions and compares the measurements to the desired settings.

Business Days

A business day is defined as any day during the week beginning Monday through Friday, including Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the 4 season days recognized by the University of Michigan.


Body weight.