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The female parent of an animal.

Deactivation Box

Designated location or box for placing barcodes that need to be deactivated. Typically found in the animal room or by the area supervisor's office.

Dead Animal Log

A sheet hung in each rodent animal room to record population changes resulting from weaned/adult rodent deaths.

Death Notification

A special treatment or procedure in which the laboratory personnel would like to be contacted after an animal is found dead or euthanized by ULAM staff.


To remove a known contaminant.

Dedicated Work Uniform (DWU)

Clothing that is designated as personal protective equipment (PPE), not worn outside of the work setting, and laundered using in-house facilities or by a professional laundry service.

Examples include lab coats and scrubs used as PPE.

Delivery Schedule

Schedule describing specific arrival dates outlining the areas, room locations, PI information, account #, protocol #, source, strain, sex, number of animals to be received and any special requests are noted in the comments section.


The triangle symbol means change. It is used most commonly to refer to either a change all recorded as " ∆620;" two times change recorded as "2 x ∆ 620."

Department of Public Safety & Security (DPSS)

Unit that conducts all police and security operations at U-M Ann Arbor campus and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Depopulated Room

A room that is not presently occupied with animals.


Inflammation of the skin.


An agent that dilutes or renders an active compound less potent or irritant. Example – 0.9% sterile saline or sterile water.

Dirty Side Cage Wash Operator

AFSCME employee working in the dirty side room of a cage facility.


To eliminate nearly all harmful microorganisms (e.g., not bacterial spores)


Bleach solution or Clidox©.


The sale, transfer, donation, adoption, death, or euthanasia of an animal.

Do Not Feed (DNF) Label

Pre-printed orange or white label found in the ULAM supply box in animal areas.


Adult female rabbit.

Donning / Doffing

The practice of personnel putting on and removing work-related protective gear, clothing and uniforms.

Door Sweeps

Flexible plastic skirts that attach to the bottom of a door to minimize access for vermin from outside areas.


The quantity to be administered at one time as a specified amount of medication.


Days post fertilization. The days after fish eggs have been fertilized.

Dump Station

Engineering control used to reduce exposure to dust and dander. Personnel stand in front of this device when removing soiled bedding from cages.

Dwelling Phase

Third phase of a cycle that circulates the VHP for even distribution in the room.  Length of this phase is based on room dimensions.


Slow and difficult labor or delivery.