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Gassing Phase

Second Phase of a cycle during which VHP is expelled in the room.  Length of this phase is based on room dimensions.


Administration of substances via a tube that is passed through the nose or mouth into the esophagus or stomach.


The process through which an animal's genetic make-up is determined using a sample taken from the animal.

Germ-Free Animals

Animals that have no microorganisms living in or on them and are raised within germ-free isolators in order to control their exposure to viral, bacterial, or parasitic agents.

GP 100

A multi-purpose detergent and degreaser used to clean large animal pens and cage wash room floors.  Use with orange foamer tip or power washer.

Grain Mite

An arachnid with pale, grayish-white body with yellowish to reddish brown legs; soft-bodied and wingless with eight legs. Appear as tiny light white or beige specks on food bags; movement can be detected if observed closely.

Gravity or Prevac Cycle

The autoclave cycle used for solid or dry items ONLY (e.g., not for use with liquids).

Green or Clean Rooms

Animal rooms clean from any contaminants such as MPV, Pinworm, Orf, Q-Fever etc.


Sand or bits of crushed rock that chickens eat and store in their crop for proper digestion of food.

Guinea Pig Milk Replacer (GPMR)

A powdered milk formula designed for guinea pig pups. Can be used for tree shrew pups.