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An animal that has not been administered an infectious hazard, human derived substance, or chemical hazard/toxin.


North Campus Research Complex

Necropsy Report

A report of gross and/or histologic post mortem findings.

Negative Control

Indicator vial that has no printing on it that is autoclaved in the same liquid filled bottle as the BI (with printing on the vial). A color change indicates thermal degradation has occurred.

Negative Pressure

Room is kept at a lower pressure than the surrounding rooms/hallway, causing air to flow into room from surrounding areas when door is opened.

Neonatal fish

5 to 14-day old fish.

Neonatal Piglet

Any large breed pig weighing less than 15 pounds or miniature breed pig less than 4 weeks of age.

Neonatal Pups

Rat or mouse pups without fur, eyes not open (approximately 10 days old or less).

Neonatal Rabbit Kit

A rabbit kit with no to thin fur, eyes not open (up to approximately 10 – 12 days of age)

Nesting Device

Shepherd Shacks®, igloos.

Nesting Material

Commercially available shredded paper (e.g. Crinkle nest, Envirodri or Enviropaks), nestlets, Alpha Dry or Carefresh bedding.

Net Cleaner

An approved cleaner, e.g., Netsoak or Fritz Pro Aquatic Net Care, used for decontaminating frog and fish nets.


Neutral Pressure

No significant flow into or out of room when door is opened.

New World Monkeys (NWM)

South American monkeys including squirrel monkeys, owl monkeys, marmosets, and tamarins.


National Formulary.


Produced by beneficial bacteria in biological filter; converted from toxic nitrite; contributes to algal growth. Generally not toxic except at high levels. Recommended level = 40 ppm or less.



Produced by beneficial bacteria in biological filter; converted from toxic ammonia; high levels impair respiration and lead to suppressed immune systems. Recommended level = 0 ppm.


Neuromuscular blocking agent.

Non USDA-Regulated Species

A term that refers to animals whose care is NOT governed by the Animal Welfare Act. This includes rats of the genus Rattus and mice of the genus Mus bred for research, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Non-Animal Support Space

Non-animal support space includes:

  • Cage wash
  • Food, bedding, supply rooms
  • Procedure rooms (only used for procedures, not approved for housing animals)
  • Cubicle anterooms
  • Euthanasia rooms

Non-Human Primate (NHP)

Rhesus macaque, baboon, marmoset.

Non-Pharmaceutical Grade

Chemicals or compounds that do not meet or exceed requirements of USP/NF/BP and may have higher levels of impurities that can introduce unwanted variables or toxic effects. Sterile pharmaceutical grade preparations that are reconstituted, diluted, mixed or have other substances added are also considered non-pharmaceutical grade. 

Non-Recovery Surgery

A surgical intervention in which an animal is euthanized before recovery from anesthesia.

Non-Rodent Mammal

Rabbit, ferret, dog, cat, swine, sheep, cow, non-human primate, etc.

Non-Rodent Mammals Conditioned

Animals (e.g., rabbit, ferret, dog, cat, swine, sheep, cow, non-human primate, etc.) with known health history.

Non-Rodent Mammals Non-Conditioned

Animals (e.g., rabbit, ferret, dog, cat, swine, sheep, cow, non-human primate, etc.) with unknown health history.

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID)

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs, e.g., carprofen, meloxicam, flunixin, ketoprofen.

Noted Observation (NO)

Conditions that do not initially require the generation of an ATR and require husbandry personnel to place a dated, clear acetate over the cage card describing the condition observed.

Notice of Pesticide Treatment

A report provided by Pest Management Services to the area supervisor which includes observations and treatments performed. These reports are stored in the area supervisor's office.

Nude Mouse

Athymic, immune compromised mouse that has no T cells.

Nude/SCID rooms

Room that houses immunodeficient mice.


A multi-purpose detergent used to disinfect cat rooms. Use with a dark purple foamer tip.​