Short-Term Personnel

Short-Term Personnel are defined as individuals participating in a research or learning activity for 30 or fewer consecutive days (1 month) or 15 or fewer total days over a six-month period. The intent of the Short-Term Personnel Role is to:

  1. Permit an educational event, such as a visiting scientist sharing procedural knowledge or a summer student doing a rotation.
  2. Allow for training of personnel approved on one U-M IACUC approved protocol to receive training on procedures described on another U-M IACUC approved protocol. This may occur if the individuals providing the training are:
    1. Approved as personnel on the U-M IACUC protocol that describes the procedure(s) being performed,
    2. Proficient at the procedure(s) being performed, and
    3. Providing constant supervision of the individual(s) receiving the training.

The intent of the Short-Term Personnel role is NOT to fill employment gaps.