Technician Time Charges

  • Supplies: An amount or quantity of a commodity that is needed outside the normal per-diem fee schedule. For example: additional cages, water bottles when placed long-term on ventilated racks, and non-standard lab requested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Note: the time spent and/or service provided must also be charged to the lab monthly.
  • Services: To provide time and assistance with a specific job/ task above and beyond standard husbandry duties. For example: euthanasia, amount of time spent changing diabetic animal cages, etc. Technician time may also refer to additional supplies used and provided beyond the normal standard operating procedures.
  • Technical Services: Laboratory requested contracted services to be provided by the ULAM Technical Service Team. For example: checking plugs, tagging, tailing, bleeds, injections, measure tumors, etc. Note: the time it takes to provide the service will be billed in 15-minute increments unless management approves otherwise.
  • Overtime: Will be charged to time spent providing additional services on weekends, holidays, or after regular working hours (6:00 AM - 4:15 PM). Overtime charges will be a multiplication of the total time on weekends/holidays/after hours by 1.5 (ULAM Business Office personnel will perform this calculation).