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Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)

Used to decontaminate animal rooms and/or equipment by using high concentrations of vaporized hydrogen peroxide for an extended period.


Company selling animal(s) or supplies for animal care.

Ventilated Rack Blower Prefilter

An air filtration/dessicator system attached to each rack. The Prefilter is a wire-rimmed filter that is removed, washed and replaced every two weeks.

Veterinary Personnel

All ULAM veterinary technicians, veterinary residents, and faculty veterinarians.

Veterinary Recommendations

These recommendations are made when an animal needs to receive treatments or have medical procedures that are not listed on the animal use protocol and are not being administered directly by the ULAM veterinary staff as treatment for a clinical issue. These recommendations are specifically intended to address an animal's well-being and are not intended for experimental design manipulations unrelated to animal welfare.

Veterinary recommendations are most commonly requested when unexpected or undesired outcomes are occurring on already approved animal use protocols. Veterinary recommendations do not replace amendments to animal use protocols. Veterinary recommendations become a part of an animal's permanent medical record.

Viscous Adjuvant

An adjuvant that includes oil in its makeup.

Visual Examination

Examination performed while the non-human primate is awake in its cage.

Vivarium Dedicated Uniform (VDU)

Long sleeve t-shirts, VDU, or other clothing that is designated as personal protective equipment to be worn and laundered within the animal vivarium space.