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Vivarium Dedicated Uniform (VDU)

Long sleeve t-shirts, VDU, or other clothing that is designated as personal protective equipment to be worn and laundered within the animal vivarium space.

Waste Manifest Form

Form provided by EHS to record the building, room number, and description of the hazard(s) placed within the designated EHS approved containers.


Young rabbit that has been weaned from their mother.

Xenopus laevis (X. laevis)

Also known as African Clawed frogs.

Xenopus tropicalis (X. tropicalis)

Also known as Silurana tropicalis or Western Clawed frogs.

Yellow Acetate

Yellow colored transparent plastic card found in a designated supply box in or outside animal rooms.

Yellow or Potentially Contaminated Rooms

Previously contaminated animal room and is now believed to be free from any contaminants. Prior to contamination status release, surveillance results must confirm "clean" status. Certain viral outbreaks may have insufficient information regarding the virus and require animal rooms to placed in "potentially contaminated" state at the discretion of the area veterinarian.

Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

A freshwater fish also known as Danio rerio.

Zoonotic Disease

Diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals and animals to humans. Sheep may carry Orf and Q-fever, serious diseases that may affect personnel health (see Procedures to Reduce Human Exposure to Orf and Q Fever).