Welcome to Research A-Z

This groundbreaking site is the home location for the many varieties of documentation required for biomedical and animal research here at the U-M, including definitions, templates, policies, standard operating procedures, and guidance.

You can use this gateway page to search across BOTH animal and biomedical content for a specific document, and at a glance browse documentation that is new or frequently searched. Or, you can immediately drill down to the content more germane to your research by clicking on the links to Research A-Z: Animal Care & Use Program or Research A-Z: Medical School Office of Research.

Once you navigate to a page, you’ll not only see the information for which you’ve searched, you’ll see links to related documents of interest. And every page is identified with the unit that maintains that documentation and their contact information, so if you need to reach out with questions, they are simply an email away. If you find you are frequently visiting a page, you can easily bookmark it, and those saved links will show up in the upper right tab under “Bookmarks” once you have logged in using your level 1 credentials.

A tool like Research A-Z is intended to be a dynamic site that adjusts to reflect our constantly changing research environment, as well as the needs of our research community here at the U-M. If you have suggestions regarding the site, or you would like to learn more about how your school can have its own version of Research A-Z – simply email oormarketing@umich.edu.