Service Policy on Submitting* PHS Proposals

Grant Services & Analysis
Apr 1, 2013 12:00 pm

This policy describes the service level delivery that will be provided by Grant Services & Analysis in the Medical School when submitting PHS proposals. Service levels are determined by the number of days in advance of the deadline the finalized submission is received by the Medical School.

  • Overview

    Grant Services & Analysis strives to submit shortly after receiving the finalization notice. We submit in the order received, barring any complications found during final checks. Please be aware that the office is open until 5:00 pm. Any proposal received after 5:00 pm may not be submitted until the following business day.

    Remember, there are advantages to submitting early:

    • It provides the PI and project team adequate time to review the submitted proposal in the Commons and allow for corrections, if they are necessary.
    • If system submission errors occur, they can be corrected and the proposal submitted prior to the deadline. System errors are unanticipated, so having extra time to address them can be invaluable to PIs. 

    Please see below for minimum items that are reviewed in the final proposal based on the timing of Finalization. Additional items may be reviewed as time allows.

    *Note – these are only the services associated with submission. The Medical School has other required review criteria related to the administrative shell that also need to be completed prior to submission. This submission list assumes that the administrated shell has previously been reviewed. For further information on the administrative shell components, see our Service Policy on Reviewing Proposals.  

  • Proposals Finalized 4 or More Days Prior to the Deadline

    When a finalized proposal is received more than 4 days in advance of the deadline everything noted above PLUS the following will be reviewed prior to submission:

    • Ensure PDF titles are appropriate to avoid errors
    • Check of sections against standard page limit
  • Proposals Finalized 1-3 Days Prior to the Deadline

    When a finalized proposal is received 1-3 days in advance of the deadline everything noted above PLUS the following related to submission will be reviewed:

    • Check that all required documents are uploaded and in PDF format
    • Check that Consultant Letters are included
    • Scan the full proposal looking for glaring organizational errors (formatting, etc.)
    • Confirm that the Human Use age language is appropriate for children
  • Proposals Finalized on the Due Date

    When a finalized proposal is received on the sponsor’s due date the following information related to submission will be reviewed:

    • Confirm that key SF424 fields match the corresponding fields on the PAF
    • Check that the project title in the Cover Letter matches that on the Face/Cover Page of the SF424
    • Confirm the Credential Agency Login is still listed for all named PIs
    • Check there is no effort listed on Biosketches
    • Check Letters of Support for unanticipated cost sharing
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A list of Grant Services & Analysis staff is available in the Personnel Directory.

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