Biorepository Informed Consent Template

Apr 17, 2018

This biorepository informed consent template is designed to be accompanied by the illustrated biorepository informational sheet.

Clinical teams engaging with the patients are provided with the Biorepository Consent and Authorization template to include in their IRB applications. These documents were developed in collaboration with IRBMED, Michigan Medicine Compliance, and other experts across campus. We request broad consent for use and distribution of biological specimens and data from participants in CBR programs. 

This informed consent document is only offered as a template at this time while both this document and the accompanying information sheet are undergoing slight modifications. This document provides detailed instructions for completing the template, including required language, alternate text, and information about sections that may be altered. These instructions are to guide and assist you in completing the University of Michigan Informed Consent Template prior to submitting it to the IRBMED for review. Investigators are responsible for understanding and following all instructions.

If you are intending to utilize the University of Michigan Medical School Central Biorepository (CBR) to process, store, and distribute your specimens, visit the UMMS Central Biorepository website for further information. Participating projects are required to use the CBR’s master consent templates. 


Contact IRBMED at irbmed@umich.edu or 734-763-4768 / (Fax 734-763-1234)

Contact the Central Biorepository at CBR.Requests@umich.edu or 734-647-8809 

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